YIPPYYippy.com is a new web site for kids, with free games, videos, music, chat and even productivity tools, such as email, calendar, and collaboration on documents. It also has video-conferencing for groups.

— The U.S. Mint has a game site to teach kids the value of money. Find it at usmint.gov/kids/games.

— The PBS site pbskids.org/read has a new link, “The Great Word Quest,” an online scavenger hunt that uses characters and video clips from the TV shows “Electric Company,” “Martha Speaks” and “Word Girl.” The site is aimed at kids 6 to 8, but doesn’t talk down to them. Many adults like playing along if their language skills need a brush-up. “Martha Speaks,” is a cute show about a talking dog. The site also has “mad lib” type games, hangman, refrigerator-magnet play, and lots of other fun stuff. A progress tracker lets parents know what skills their child is developing.

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