SUGARSYNCWhen we started playing with the SugarSync app on our new iPad, it reminded us that this is a great, free backup program for computers and smart phones too.

Say you’re on top of a mountain getting ready to ski downhill when you get a call from a client who needs a demo. (This sort of thing happens all the time. Maybe you’re spending too much time on the slopes.) Ski back down, go to at the hotel computer, and get a link to the files or folders you need, then send them on to the client. Neither you nor your client need access to the original computer to edit those files.

Setup is simple. First you install Sugar Sync on your various computers and smart phones and choose the files and folders you want to keep updated. You’ll notice that every time you turn on one computer or smart phone, you’ll see that the files you made on another device have been updated here too. You can protect files from editing changes, or allow editing.

You can stream your computer’s whole music and photo collection to another computer or phone, without downloading, but this might get expensive. The first two gigabytes of online storage are free, and these can get used up in a hurry.  SugarSync is compatible with PCs, Windows Mobile, iPhones, Android phones and Blackberrys.

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