NEWS, OLD AND NEW lets you search newspapers to find that article you should have saved. We get this kind of reader request a lot.

latimesJoy found a light item about Bob that appeared in the Los Angeles Times from 1978. Those were the days of the “Pet Rock” and other novelty gifts. Bob was a reporter at the Philadelphia Inquirer at the time, and along with fellow reporter Clark DeLeon, they started a company called “Home Clone,” to produce novelty clone kits, the perfect gift for the “Me Generation.”

The Google News Archive goes back to the early 19th century for a few newspapers. We saw some advertisements in the January 14, 1830, edition of the Sydney Morning Herald, from a man warning people against extending credit to his wife; another warned against hiring his ex-servant. Cranky guy.

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  1. Didn’t you hear Google is no more. It’s now Topeka. Dullest city in America