mayor-jumpsin-lake--for-Google-fiberHalf the U.S. is hoping their town will be chosen as one of those that Google will provide with optical cable service to the Internet. Such a connection – known in the trade as “The Big Pipe – provides Internet service more than 100 times-faster than wired or wireless hookups.

As town officials go a little nuts trying to get Google’s attention – Me! Me! – some unusual efforts have already surfaced:

  • Topeka, Kansas, has offered to rename itself Google, Kansas.
  • Rancho Cucamonga, California, is offering to call itself Rancho Googlemonga.
  • Meanwhile, the mayor of Duluth, Minnesota, right across the lake from Canada, jumped into Lake Superior’s 35 degree water in February to demonstrate how fast he would need to look up “hypothermia” on the Web when he got out.  Video on YouTube.

And sports fans are also on the move: fifteen thousand fans at a University of Missouri basketball game waved Google signs at halftime.

The selected towns will be named at the end of March.

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