There’s been a lot of buzz about “Google Buzz,” which is a new program designed as a competitor to FaceBook.

Buzz is a social networking site that lives in your Gmail account. If you’re not a Gmail user, you can sign up for free at and have all your email forwarded there forever. If you are a Gmail user, you will have an “inbox” and a “buzz” box. Click on “buzz” to see photos, twitters, blog posts, etc. from any of the contacts you’re following. You don’t have to go to Facebook, Twitter, or some other site. It’s will all appear in you new buzz box.  You can comment on your friends’ posts or photos just as in Facebook, or just say you like them, without leaving Gmail. If you decide someone is boring, just “unfollow” them. There’s also a mobile version for your iPhone or Android phone, which posts your location as well as your message.  Other platforms are coming soon.

We tried it and loved it. The layout is a lot clearer and easier to use than FaceBook’s. It’s always tough entering a race after the others have left the gate, but this looks like a good one and should capture a big chunk of the social networking market.

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