PDFreaderThe new PDF Reader from Nuance PDF is a free program that opens “PDFs.”  These are documents that retain their formatting no matter what program is used to open them.  They were developed by Adobe, which has long offered a free PDF Reader.  However, the new Nuance program has more features and does it better.

Nuance PDF Reader will convert PDFs to other formats, such as Word  and Excel.  This makes it possible to edit them.  The program also addresses a security issue, turning off “JavaScript processing,” which can make your computer vulnerable to hackers. A recent report from McAfee, a leader in anti-virus products, predicted Adobe would become the primary target for hackers and virus writers this year.

Nuance PDF Reader  has a built-in SharePoint Connector, so users can save PDFs directly to Microsoft’s SharePoint storage.  You can also annotate PDFs. Get the program at nuance.com/PDFReader.

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