hollerOn, we checked out “BigVoiceMail.” This is a handy program that lets you send a voice message to lots of people at once. (If you just want send a message to one person, you might as well use the phone.)

To use BigVoiceMail, you need a microphone attached to your computer. Most laptops have one built in. Open the software, click “record,” then “stop,” then “mail.” Your voice message is sent as an attachment to a message. You can also do it by clicking the space bar three times – very useful for the blind. The message files are compressed. A one-minute message takes up only 360 kilobytes, a small amount these days. Even an eight-and-a-half minute message is less than three megabytes.

BigVoiceMail is free for 10-second messages. For longer messages, you need the pro version, for $15.

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