holovisionThe bummer about 3-D movies is having to wear special glasses. What happens when you turn toward your beloved and your glasses lock?

With a holographic projection, the 3D image is right there in the room with you. No glasses required. This is now being demonstrated on TVs. The downside is that you can’t look at the TV from the side, but the images do appear to jump out at you when you’re in front of them.

The technology is called “holovision” and it’s coming from companies such as Provision Holding and Innovision. Provision has already used holographic kiosks in grocery stores, mainly in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. They cost around $8,000 but the company is hoping to bring $2500 versions to consumers.  Intel also showed off a glasses-free 3-D experience at this year’s Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.

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