There are lots of interesting programs PCMag’s utility library, for speeding up your computer, catching crooks, etc. But some of them aren’t so great.

We tried the new “Clock Rack” which puts a series of clocks on your desktop. It’s handy to see at a glance the time in Bangkok, where some of our readers are. But the clocks were wrong for England, Scotland, and India. We checked them against, which is accurate.

We also tried out “CL Helper,” which gives you alerts when a Craigslist item goes on sale. We found it cumbersome, and even worse, it didn’t fully uninstall when we tried to remove it.

A better bet is  “StartUp Cop” which tells you which programs start up when your computer does and makes it easy to block unwanted startups. There’s also “DiskPie” for telling you which files and programs are hogging your computer’s storage space.  We also liked “ViewThru” which lets you see through one window on your desktop to the ones underneath.

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