Bird's Eye View of Chicago

Bird's Eye View of Chicago

No, we’re not really down on Microsoft; they do some good stuff. We’re in the habit of using Google Maps to find places, but we really liked some of the maps from Microsoft’s new “Bing” search engine.

Go to and click on “maps.” Click “aerial” and choose “bird’s eye” to zoom from high altitude view to building tops. While looking at the big picture, so to speak, an insert in one corner shows a street map for the address you’re searching.

Sometimes the Bing maps were less accurate than Google maps. For instance, in Newport Beach, California, Bing showed a vacant lot where Google showed a house. Joy had just seen that house in real life, floating by it in a kayak, so we knew Google had it right. It’s worth using both search engines when looking at a location, though, because they give you different views.

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