firefoxNoScript” is a popular add-on for users of the Firefox web browser. Scripts are bits of programming code that the bad guys use to infect your computer.

Many scripts are harmless, however. So if you’re on a site you trust and you get a warning from “NoScript,” you can temporarily allow the script or add that site to a list of trusted locations.

Another good add-on is PhishTankSiteChecker, which prevents Firefox users from being swept off to a malware site that looks like the one they thought they were going to. Instead it’s a phishing site, so naturally it’s called a “phish tank.”

There are hundreds of these add-ons and you can see all of them at  Bob likes Scrapbook, Screengrab and  “Popular Extensions and Alternatives,” which includes a helpful list from Almost all these add-ons are free; a few ask for a small contribution to the author. As we’ve mentioned here before, you can have as many browsers as you want in Windows.

If you have the latest version of Firefox, you’ll see icons for all of your add-ons in a mini taskbar at the bottom or top of your Firefox screen. If you didn’t see your add-ons, go the “View” menu at the top of the screen and check “status bar.” To get the latest version, go to “Help” at the top of the Firefox display screen and choose “check for updates.”

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