accept-edgeJoy went to five different colleges, and none turned out to be what she wanted. Bob also went to five, and the only one he really liked was the U. of Chicago. It’s hard to tell what a place is like from looking at the college catalog or pictures of the campus. In fact, 50 percent of students drop out without finishing a four-year degree.  A new free tool at might help.

You start by filling out a form, providing not only your test scores and high school ranking, but also favorite songs, movies, books, the income of your parents, how you feel about the sorority/fraternity system, public versus private schools, etc. Having done that, Joy was told her best match would be Hofstra University near New York City, a school she had barely heard of. The second and third recommended choices were in New York and Rhode Island. All the colleges she actually went to were in California or Nevada, and none of them came up on her recommended list.

Founded by two 20 year-olds, the site uses a database of over 6,000 surveys completed by college students. The site matches prospective students to several possible colleges from a list of hundreds. This will expand to 2,500 later this year. Whether the comparisons seem accurate or not, it’s fun and free and links you to a school’s website for more information.

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