icyteWhen you bookmark a page you found interesting when you were surfing the web, you think you can go back and read it later. What a surprise when you find it isn’t there anymore.

That’s because a bookmark doesn’t save the contents, it just saves a link to that web site. By the time you go back to it, the site often has something else on that page. You may or may not be able to find the particular article you thought you marked before. If the site has an archive, you might recover the article or picture by entering something in the search box. Good luck on entering the right key-words.

We found a solution to this problem in a free web tool called iCyte. Use you mouse to mark the part of the screen you want and iCyte saves it to a special web page they create for you. You can use it to share what you saved or keep it private, and add you can your own notes. You can get this tool at buttons

When you want to view it, along with your notes, you just click the “view iCyte” icon. If you don’t want to download anything to your computer because you’re using one at the library or a friend’s house, you can also create and view iCytes at the home page. The iCyte tool works with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers on both PCs/Macs.

Another way to save something you like when you’re browsing the web, is to mark the part you want with your mouse, then do a control-c to make a copy, and then paste that into a word processor or a file folder. This doesn’t seem any better than using iCyte, but at least you wouldn’t have to go on the web to read it again. Think about using an easy to remember name for that file folder.


  1. I simply save the web page to my hard drive.