Creative Technology is based in Singapore and was the market leader in sound cards, web cams and other add-ons back in the early days of personal computing. Then they dropped off the map; soundblaster-for-ituneswe didn’t hear from them for a decade. Now they’re back with the “Sound Blaster Wireless for iTunes.”

Like us, you may want to hear the music stored on your computer in your living room, or any other room outside your home office. We solved that problem a few years ago by drilling a hole in a wall and running a cable through it. You may not want to do that. An easier solution would be Creative’s new Sound Blaster. It will wirelessly transmit iTunes, MP3s, and online radio stations through speakers up to 100 feet away.

Setup is simple. The Sound Blaster Wireless is about the size of a thumb or flash drive and you plug it into the USB connection on a PC or Mac. Then connect a Creative Wireless Receiver to speakers or use the Creative GigaWorks T20W speakers which contain built-in wireless receivers.

The Sound Blaster Wireless avoids dropouts and static, which commonly plague Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems. It doesn’t require a wireless network, so it’s easier to use and set up than Wi-Fi systems. Unfortunately, the whole setup costs $150 from Creative.com. (On second thought, maybe we’ll just drill a hole in another wall.)

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