IngBoo.com is a new free service for tracking websites, TV shows, job listings, eBay auctions, news, weather, etc. When new stuff comes in, it shows up on your personal IngBoo page.


We thought it was a clean approach to web surfing and we accepted their invitation to put an IngBoo launch pad on our own site at oncomp.com. Click “links” to add our recommendations to your own start page if you want. Other people can add your chosen links top of their page, etc. And the beat goes on.

Hell's Kitchen

In some ways, IngBoo is like “RSS” readers, which give you a web-surfing starting point that updates itself as new stuff comes in. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” but only 12 percent of web surfers use it. What IngBoo says is wrong with RSS sites is they’re too cluttered. One’s eyes glaze over trying to make sense of it all. The IngBoo page starts with tidbits of news and video that have little “done” buttons you can click to make them disappear. You can also click an “x” in the right-hand corner of any item to stop tracking it.

Setup is easy. Start at IngBoo.com and select from categories such as business, entertainment, jobs, news, sports and “popular.” Popular includes “Hulu VideoTracker” for following TV shows and movies. After you add a topic or TV show, updates will appear on your page in the form of “snippets.” For instance, if you’re following the reality TV shows “Hell’s Kitchen,” “CSI,” “House” and many others, you’ll see links to the latest three episodes. Hovering over a link gives you a preview of the video, or the story with photos. Lots more info at IngBoo.com.

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