This was something of a wow to us. It’s the “Clickfree Traveler,” a 16 gigabyte flash drive the size of a credit card and about twice as thick. A USB connector slides out of one side. Plug that into a PC or Mac and the card immediately starts backing up your files.

Clickfree has been doing this sort of thing for the couple of years, but nothing as small and slick as this. We’ve covered their click-free hard drives and the DVDs they sell that also start automatic backups. What makes their products click-free and automatic is that the backup software comes on the drive or the disk and loads itself when you plug them in. That also triggers the backup to begin.

The 16-gigabyte credit card (that’s the way we think of it) sells for $80 at goclickfree.com. Their backup DVDs are only $10. They also sell a short $40 cable with built-in circuitry that triggers file backup from the computer to any drive plugged into the other end.

One point should be made clear, and it is that Clickfree and most other backup software only copy files, not programs. If you want to save everything, you have to use a program like Acronis True Image, which sells for $50 from acronis.com or a drive with similar software. Bob uses one from Rebit; these start at $190. Joy used a smaller one from Seagate, the Replica, until she misplaced it, and now uses Nero’s new Back It Up & Burn software.

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