We mean it’s out there somewhere on the disk drive.

 One of the many frustrating things we all do on the computer is try to find that article or picture or text clip that we saved a while ago but we can’t remember just where we saved it. That’s why computers have a search function. But a better one that we first found about 25 years ago is “Copernic,” from You had to pay for it back then but now it’s free.

  You can use it to search your computer by category, like just search through the email, the calendar, videos or documents, or for the web. A mobile version of Copernic let’s you search your computer’s contents from any mobile device that can connect to the Internet, like a smartphone, PDA, or from a remote computer at a library. We think Copernic was named for some guy who used to search the sky for information about the movement of the planets. He was Polish or something like that.

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