Whiteboards are the modern equivalent of our old school blackboards and they’re great.

 DabbleboardBob’s ideal room would be a duplicate of one he saw in a documentary shot at some university he can no longer remember. The name doesn’t matter. The important thing was the room. It was a medium sized lecture hall and the walls were all whiteboards. A mathematics professor could write really long equations as he walked around the room. Then instead of trying to copy it all down, the students could just take pictures with their cell phones.

 You can get a free online version of an endless whiteboard at Not only is this a great tool for working out ideas, but, if you permit it, other people can sign in to your Dabbleboard and add their edits and comments. They can go there whether you’re in or out, so you don’t have to hang around for the slow thinkers. provides a library of images you can use on your board, or you can bring in new material from the web or your own files. There are lots of shortcuts to help move things along. For instance, if you start to draw a square, it completes it for you. When you’re through story-boarding your next movie or designing the next Mars-Lander, you can save it as a file online; keep or make changes later. A professional version of Dabbleboard costs $8 a month and lets you bring in diagrams and illustrations from Microsoft Visio and Adobe Illustrator.   

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