When we read that “Gamer Goddess,” one Samantha Christian, won $400,000 over three years playing Popcap’s “Bejeweled” at, we were definitely skeptical. But the web site looks legitimate and does not involve gambling. You pay an entrance fee, typically $1.90, and you try to win prizes that start at $1.60.

Some players say they’re earning as much as they do in their day jobs. Danielle Ulrich from Rockland, CA, who was recently interviewed by PC World magazine, said that “On average, I make between $100 and $150 a day if I game. On my best night–playing for about 4 hours–I won $3500.”

The website has over 30 million players and dozens of games, including Scrabble, Solitaire, Wheel of Fortune and Big Money. The competition is fierce though, and you can lose a lot of those seemingly small entrance fees. Best to go to the practice area and play for free before you enter a contest.

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