If the computer’s hard drive dies, most people go out and replace the whole thing. That’s because they never backed up the system, so they’ve not only lost all the files and programs, but the operating system as well.

For shame. We know a fellow this happened to and now he’s nothing but a pitiful wreck. What he neededRebit was a no-brainer backup, and we found one. Yes, yes, it’s too late for him, sad wasted hulk, but not for you. A company called “Rebit” (think of the sound a frog makes) has come out with a hard drive that does all the thinking for you. Just keep it plugged into your laptop or desktop and use your computer as usual. If the computer’s hard disk fails, and your computer won’t start no matter what you do, you just replace the hard disk, plug in Rebit, and follow the on-screen directions to restore everything. Yes! Everything!

Rebit comes in sizes from 80 gigabytes for $170 and on up to the 500 gigabyte level for $220. You probably won’t need that much, however, since it has the good sense to delete old backup files when it starts to get full. It works in those brief moments of inactivity when new and great ideas are springing into your head, so it won’t slow you down.

New Rebit software lets you back up six PCs at once. You should choose a backup drive that is at least as large as the largest drive to be backed up. The software can be password-protected for each PC to keep information private between users. To save storage space and avoid needless duplication, only one copy of the operating system or any particular application or file is stored on the backup drive. Rebit also offers backup software on a CD, so you don’t have to buy one of their hard drives to restore your whole system, but can use one you already have. More info at

If this sounds all like something we wrote about before, congratulate yourself on being an alert reader. But actually, what we wrote about before was called ClickFree. It’s a drive too, but it backs up your files, not your whole operating system and programs. New to ClickFree is a transformer cable you can buy to turn any hard drive into a ClickFree drive and use it to back up the files on multiple computers. It’s $60 from

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