Xerox has a new lightweight portable scanner we like. It’s called the Travel Scanner 100 and it weighs less than 11 ounces. At low resolution it can scan six pages a minute. The scanner draws its power from the computer’s USB port, so you don’t have to carry a power transformer.

We’ve reviewed many portable scanners and they are all pretty similar. (Maybe they’re all made in the same secret factory somewhere.) What we liked about this one – aside from the fact that it works well – is that it came with PaperPort 11 software, the latest version of that excellent software. The other scanners we tried saved a little money by bundling older, cheaper, versions. Other bundled programs here are OmniPage Pro and Presto BizCard 5, for reading scanned text and business cards.

You can scan documents at up to 600 dots per inch (dpi), which is fairly high for ordinary use. (The lower you set the resolution, the faster the device will scan.) We had no trouble scanning color photographs in the protective plastic envelopes that came with the scanner. It was also easy to scan glossy ads. The software will scan a printed page directly into a PDF file if you wish, making it editable instead of just readable. Travel Scanner 100 sells for $150-$200 from discount web sites or stores.

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