Photoshop Creative Suite 4 came out recently in a bundle of programs so large that you can be excused for not knowing whether it’s worth upgrading from CS3. We’ve found a series of books that can guide you. They’re the “CS 4 on Demand” series, by Steve Johnson, $27 each from QuePublishing.comPhotoshop CS 4.

An easy way to see if there’s anything in CS4 you really want, is to look at the table of contents for each book. You can do this at Amazon.com, which lets you see the table of contents for any book. Any section that talks about a new feature is labeled “New!” in red ink. So, for example, we learn that in the new Photoshop there are around 60 new features, including new cloning and masking tools, new ways to adjust color replacements, and new ways to create online photo galleries. That’s doing it quick and easy.


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