Geek Goddess— “How to be a Geek Goddess,” by Christina Tynan-Wood, is an engaging guide to the ins-and-outs of technology that would be just as handy for would-be Geek Gods as it is for Goddesses. Joy loved it. The feminine view is apparent here (“small external drives fit in your purse,”), but if you slide past those references, you’ll find information on every subject under the high tech sun, from keeping your computer safe to geManga Statisticstting “groovy gear and gadgets.” Lots of tips and tricks are included. You can find a sample chapter if you Google the title, or you can go to Wood’s high-tech blog at geekgirlfriends.com.

— “The Manga Guide to Statistics, by Shin Takahashi; new from NoStarch Press, $20 at OReilly.com. “Manga” is a Japanese comic-book genre, and in this one you learn the basics of statistics through a comic-book teacher. This is an English translation of a title from a best-selling series in Japanese.  

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