Viewzi.com is a new visual alternative to Google. Instead of text descriptions of sites that correspond to your search terms, you get pictures.

 What you see is a moving carousel of choices, each showing a different way to view your search results. You can see results as a timeline, which shows the latest to the right and then backwards to earlier ones. You can view videos that concern your subject (lots of stuff here from YouTube). But the view we liked best was clusters of thumbnail pictures. Click on any of those and you go to that site.


 We used the search word “trains” for a test run. Up popped thumbnail screens for everything from “Seat61.com,” which shows you the view from a train window as you move throughout the world, to information about the New Jersey State Transit System, including a map of Hoboken Terminal.

 Clicking on other parts of the carousel turned up train songs, train pictures, train shopping, train news, train books, and so on. Next we typed “nuts” into the search box, and clicked on recipes. The results showed pictures of the dishes as well as recipes. Yummy.

 Searches with Viewzi are slower than standard search engines like Google or Yahoo but they’re more fun. 


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