Adobe has a new Photoshop set called Photoshop CS4, which contains Photoshop plus other major

 programs, all for the somewhat staggering list price of $1,800. The computer to run them will be cheaper. However, just in case you want to spring for a lifetime hobby, here are a couple of books just out:

  • “Adobe Photoshop CS4, One-On-One,” by Deke McClelland; $50, from The author is a stitch, you might say, and an absolute master of Photoshop. If you go to his website,, you can watch his somewhat frenetic rap video titled “101 Photoshop Tips in Five minutes.”
  • “Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Photoshop CS4 in 24 Hours,” by Kate Binder; $35 from We add this one to your library because she’s good and because Sams is always good.

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