REALLY FREE (AND EASY) WEBSITES¬†has the easiest set of Web site creation tools we’ve ever seen, and they’re free. Go to the Web site and you can choose from any or all of five styles: a personal site, a blog, online photo album, wedding

webon album, or travelogue. Unlike posting a page to a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace, your own Web site can have dozens of linked pages.

There are a wide variety of Web site templates to choose from and when you pick one you like, you just start typing information on it and dragging in photos, videos and illustrations. You can also enter short pieces of code that can trigger other programs to run or take you to another site or add special effects. Or, you can skip any of that. It does not get any simpler than this.

If you want to have your own domain name for direct access, you can have one for $9 a month. Here are the only differences between the free and paid site: The free Web address contains “webonsites” as part of the name, is limited to 300 images, and can’t contain Javascript or custom HTML elements.

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