INTERNUTS is a social networking site for divorced women. It was founded by the guys who

FirstWivesWorldbrought the book/movie “First Wives Club” to Broadway. Besides information on how to get a divorce, or how to cope with one, the site has bloggers on topics such as “An Open Letter to My Husband’s Mistress.” The site also has video tutorials on how to make new friends on the site.

— is a nice technology guide for moms needing to get up to speed on what their children are doing. Why are they watching YouTube, for instance? A link to the YouTube article has examples of nearly every kind of video people watch, as well as safety guidelines. “Mom, Can I Have a Cell Phone?” deals with a question moms are getting at an increasingly early age. Lots of resources here, including links to other sites for women. The site reports that the top social networking sites, Facebook and MySpace, are now 60 percent female.

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