We used to be crushed by email overload (more than 200 a day). Now we’re merely miffed. This welcome change in our emotional condition was brought about through Google’s free email service, We have arranged to have any emails that come in to our old email addresses automatically forwarded to our accounts at Gmail. This lets us use Joy’s absolute favorite Gmail feature, the “Archive” button. If you want to put something away and perhaps read it later, just click on the Archive button. You can later find it by doing a keyword search. A nice keyboard shortcut to this process is to simply hit the left bracket key – [ – and immediately move on to the next email. This quickly reduces hundreds of messages each day to about ten that you actually want to look at. Of course, you can mark the real spam as “spam,” and Gmail will block those in the future. After 30 days, the spam will be automatically deleted. Another favorite Gmail feature is “labels and filters. Let’s say you signed up for a daily CNET newsletter ( Some are more interesting than others and you don’t want to look at each one right away. So you click on the “filter” button, and create a new category called “CNET.” From then on, all CNET newsletters go into that box and you can peruse them at your leisure, as they say. You can apply more than one label to the same item, if you wish.

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