We wrote about BlogTalkRadio when it started two years ago. Anyone and every one can host their own radio show for free, simply by registering at the web site:
Listen to On Computers on internet talk radio

After your register, you get a phone number to call and a woman with a wonderfully cultured British accent tells you what time is reserved for you to call in your broadcast. When that time arrives, you phone in and are “on the air.” Well, virtually anyway. The broadcasts are carried over the Internet.

Blog Talk has grown enormously since we first reported it, now sending out more than 4,000 Internet broadcasts. Most are by people talking about nothing in particular. We even posted our own “broadcast” of high tech news and column highlights a while back. But we never kept up the broadcasts, being frustrated by the awkward nature of the call-in procedure. The instructions you get for recording your broadcast kind of threw us off point, but they’ve made some improvements.

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