We were pleased to receive an early visit from the Duchess of Zouch, who inquired if we could help in the recovery of a lost emerald of considerable¬†value. This would be our first case in the new mystery game: “The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes.”

We accepted her commission, of course, and proceeded at once to the Duchess’s estate and began a carefulSherlock Holmesexamination of the downstairs study.¬† We needed seven clues to provide direction that would lead to the recovery of the jewel, but alas, could find only six, leaving us, so to speak, without a clue. We stopped then for a spot of tea and some fine Turkish tobacco for our pipe.

The game was afoot, but we have found it beneficial to take some moments to consider the information already acquired and its import before continuing the pursuit. The search required that recovery be made within a specified time, adding some difficulty to the matter. The game is $20

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