INTERNUTS is a resource site for inventors. It has downloads of audio and video interviews with inventors, photo galleries, virtual trade shows, TV shows from National Public Television, services for inventors, and all that stuff. (They should have had a topic heading for “better mouse traps.”) Cost is $99 a year, but there’s a free trial. lists local and international art shows. We went to the special exhibit of Edward Hopper paintings at the Chicago Art Institute, but didn’t find Edward Hopperout until we visited this site a couple of days later that there was an interesting exhibit of ceramics at an art gallery nearby. The site culls information from 10,000 art galleries and museums and has 150,000 articles from magazines. The links to exhibits, galleries, art fairs and auctions are worldwide.


We found a nifty device that’s like an iPod docking station only it’s for hard disk drives. The $44 docking station will take just about any kind of 3.5-inch hard drive; just plug them in and plug them out.

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