Facebook.com started out as a kind of college yearbook on the Web but has gone way beyond that. It has morphed into a Web site with games, art, music and news.

The latest change invites applications from other developers, and the one we found most interesting is called “Brijit.” It offers 100-word abstracts of really interesting articles or shows from magazines, newspapers, radio and TV, and a link to the full version if available. If you read or see something you like, you can share the title with all your contacts, just like always on Facebook, or you can earn money by writing an abstract for Brijit. Payments are low, just $5 to $8 per item, and competition is fierce.

You can use Brijit.com without Facebook or download the Facebook application from there. Go to Facebook.com/apps to find more. Other new Facebook applications let you display your “Guitar Hero,” “Battlefield” or “Lost Planet” game stats.

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