The Consumer Electronics Show is mostly full of computer stuff, but among the stranger items that appealed to us is the CoolIT Beverage Chiller, a small platform for keeping your drink chilled. We’ve seen lots of gadgets andCoolITcontainers for keeping a drink hot, but this was the first we’d seen for keeping it cool.

A circular platform big enough to hold a soft-drink can or an ordinary drinking glass contains a printed circuit that chills the drink. You plug it into a USB port on any computer, as well as some game machines, and set your drink on top.

We tried it out with a can of root beer, and the can was still ice cold after sitting out in a warm room for several hours. A small fan draws off heat from the drink container, and some people are bothered by the fan noise; we weren’t. We found the CoolIT Beverage Chiller for $25 at

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