Spokeo regularly checks 36 social networking sites for people who are on yourSpokeo e-mail lists and posts their current social site activity and photos on your screen. (Joy discovered one of her nephews this way.)

These social networking sites are the future of the Web, near as anyone can see ahead, which is not far. But it isn’t just the truth that is out there, it seems to be half the world. People post pictures, their latest activities, music selections, their political and philosophical thoughts, even recipes. Everybody’s out there!

Popular sites tracked by Spokeo include the well-known MySpace as well as Flickr, Friendster, Twitter, Xanga, YouTube, LinkedIn, Slide, Digg, Pandora, etc. It even tracks your contact’s “wish lists” at Amazon.

When you sign up for free at Spokeo.com, the site scans your address books and finds your contacts. Because many of us tend to accumulate lots of e-mail addresses over the years, Spokeo has the potential for abuse. New postings might be ads or scurrilous comments or indecent photos. To control such abuse you have the power to remove anyone from your social contact list. You can link favored names into groups.

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