We’ll look next at a ridiculously priced device for playing with your Microsoft Flight Simulator X. (It also works with other flight simulator software.)

It’s called the Dreamflyer, and it’s basically a chair with controls that looks like a piece of exercise equipment and is supposed to mimic an actual pilot’s seat. It Dreamflyerweighs 100 pounds, measures 3 feet by 6 feet, and costs $2,800, plus an extra $199 for a tri-monitor bracket (if you use three monitors), plus $450 for shipping in Canada or the U.S.

Unlike actual flight simulators of the type used by the military and airlines, there are no hydraulics or motors involved to move you around as the airplane would move were you actually in the air. The feeling of motion is delivered by you, the program pilot, shifting in your seat mounted on weights and pulleys (maximum pilot weight is 250 pounds).

The foot pedals, steering yoke and throttles are supplied by Saitek, which is a leading maker of joy sticks and other controls, like those for planes and cars. If you want to enhance your flight or driving simulators with just these controls, go to Prices are generally moderate, but if you want everything Saitek has for flight, the cost would be about $400. You can also search the Web for discount prices.

More info on the Dreamflyer can be found at What the heck, it’s cheaper than an airplane.

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