This book told us an awful lot you can do with an iPod that neither we nor iPodmost other users know about. You can, for example, use it as a calendar, an address book and a world clock. You can add your own choice of artwork to songs, instead of just the album cover. If you have the new iPod Touch, you can even connect to the Web.

  • “Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers, a Video Training Book” by Chris Orwig and; $50 from

This is one of the most unusual books we’ve ever looked at — part book, part program and packaged that way: half book, half box. is a maker of training programs and operates a Web site where you can access any of those programs for a fee. Three hours of free training sessions forCS3 Video Training Photoshop CS3 are packaged with this book. The buyer also gets one month of free access to more training sessions on this or any other subject covers, and there are hundreds. We’ve looked at many of them over the years and they’re excellent.

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