Over the years we’ve learned that what people really want is random access memory – much like a brain. You left something behind in Cleveland, say, or Kuala Lumpur, and you can’t remember what.

Just type in the place, or anything connected with the thought or object that you can possibly recall. What, your memory doesn’t have a keyboard? Well this one does. It’s a Web site called “Stixy,” and its makers say it’s a virtual refrigeratorStixy door for sticking up notes. Instead of magnets, you type in the notes and stick them on the door. You can also stick up pictures, songs, Beethoven’s “Ninth,” to-do lists, blocks of text taken from somebody else’s work, and anything else you can think of that will stick to a virtual refrigerator.

Music has to be posted to the refrigerator as a “document.” Currently there is no player. But a digital file is a digital file. Your computer’s own player will be able to recognize it. Since you can share your pages with others, you can share music this way.

If you’re a really organized person, you might have more than one refrigerator. Think of it as a freezer, or a double-door refrigerator, or a walk-in cooler. Certain kinds of things would only go on certain kinds of doors. Be careful about this, because you’re on the verge of building a structured database, and if you do that we don’t want to know you. Stixy is for people who can’t remember what they did with the magazine they put down just a minute ago.

If you’re worried about not being able to find things later on, a list of all the refrigerator doors you made is off to the side of your computer screen. You can also tag things with key words like “trip to,” or something like that, and use the search function later.  Careful now, you’re on the verge of getting organized.

Stixy is free, and since it’s all on the Web, it works with PCs or Macs. Find it at

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