We’ve been having great fun creating “Wanted” posters in the style of the Old West, using a free Windows program called Poster Forge from (We couldn’t resist making a “wanted” poster of our editor, of course.)

You can make movie posters using your own photos, and quite lovely motivational posters, of the type you often see on office walls. The programOutlaw Journalists comes with the templates, and you just drop in the picture you want and add your own message. The posters can be saved as JPEG files and shared on the usual sites: MySpace , Flickr , LiveJournals, etc.

The posters are made with any regular printer using normal letter-size paper. It prints out as four pages, which then have to be glued or taped together to make the full poster. Some printers come with software that lets you create posters in this way. If you don’t have that, this one is free.

ProPoster, which isn’t free, contains many more templates and provides different sized output. The maximum size claimed is a phenomenal 10 by 10 meters. That would be a picture more than 30 by 30 feet, larger than most billboards. ProPoster is $20 — $30 for businesses — also from Ronyasoft.

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