· is a music CD swap site that lists 1.8 million titles, about LALAtwice as many as you would find at Titles range from Bach to garage bands. You start out by registering with the site and providing a list of the CDs you have.

As soon as you have made your first CD available for swapping, you are entitled to order a CD for a fee of $1 plus 75 cents for shipping. This is quite different from purchase sites, like iTunes, where you pay $1 for a single song; here you pay only $1 for a whole album. Often, the album cover for the CD is displayed next to the offering.

If someone requests one of your CDs, you are sent a shipping kit with a prepaid mailing envelope. This is similar to the familiar red envelopes used by Netflix. We listed four CDs we never listen to anymore, and all of them were requested immediately. Joy then went looking for CDs featuring the Mambo King, Perez Prado. She found 288 titles; it’s hard to imagine you could find that many Prado titles in a music store, online or not.

Twenty percent of the profits from are used to provide insurance and legal aid for musicians.


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