TRULY REAL ESTATE is a real estate site that re-designed and re-launched itself in May, providing an unusual extra feature. Along with browsing a list of two million properties currently for sale in the U.S., you can ask about parking. At least, sort of. We have no interest in buying property – we rent and love it – but on a whim, we asked: “If you wanted to go to Wrigley Field for a Cubs baseball game, where would you park? A local told us parking isn’t much worse than it is when the Cubs aren’t playing, People nearby also rent space on their lawns. You can ask other questions about a neighborhood: schools, animals, bus service, etc.

Now, if you happen to be interested in real estate, you can type in an area name or zip code and get a map and a description of what’s available. If you search on a large city, a list of neighborhoods appears off to one side. If you know something about the city, it helps narrow the search. If you’re interested in a particular property, they’ll send you a note if it comes up for sale. Sometimes it comes up for sale just because you, the deep-pockets buyer, have asked about it.

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