The following address for viewing the world’s worst PowerPoint presentation comes from a Web site that can shorten any address you give it: http://tinyurl.com/362ckt.

For instance, the original Web address for the example of the worst PowerPoint presentation was, and still is:elmhurst.edu/library/courses/eng/WorstPresentationEverStandAlone.ppt.

That’s quite a mouthful, even if you’re not trying to say it. We shortened it by going to TinyUrl.com, and you can do the same.

This can help a lot of people avoid typographical errors when they’re sending a long site address in an e-mail, saving both themselves and the recipient some frustration. It could also help newspapers, because it can cut down the chance of putting a hyphen in the middle of an address just because the automatic typesetting program started it near the end of a line. We’ve heard from readers who say the address must be wrong, but the only thing wrong turned out to be the hyphen.

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