We’re big fans of “Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me,” the radio show from National Public Radio. But we often forget to turn it on. Solution: Record the podcast from the Internet.

It turns out there are lots of regular shows you can save on your computer, and you can schedule lots of them for free, just as they broadcast, by going to Apple’s iTunes Web site ( Here’s how we made a permanent schedule to record “Wait, Wait”:

Go to and download the free iTunes software.

  • Launch iTunes.

  • Click on “Podcasts.”

  • Click “Podcast Directory.”

Now look off to the right for “Top Podcasts.” All of these are free. Several are from National Public Radio: “Wait, Wait,” “Car Talk” and “Fresh Air.” Others are programs like “Learn Spanish With Your Coffee,” “Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion,” “Comedy Central” and “Photoshop TV.” You can also get lectures from Princeton, New York state universities and other institutions. This is all free.

When you see a program you want, click the “subscribe” button and it will be sent to your computer or any other device linked to the Internet at the specified broadcast time. You can listen on your computer or transfer the files to an iPod or any other portable digital music player. You can also download past shows.

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