The “Podcasting Bible,” by Steve Mack and Mitsch Ratcliffe (Wiley, $34.99, available at

Here are 570 pages on how to set up a podcast, handle sound and video and work it all to produce income for yourself or your company. The first 27 Podcasting Biblepages offer a “quick start,” however, and cover most of what you need to know. For those unfamiliar with the ground, a podcast can be thought of as an audio or audio/visual blog.

For those unfamiliar with blogs, they can be thought of as online journals, sometimes interesting to others, often beyond boring except to the blogger’s immediate family and pets. The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article saying most bloggers earn $2,000-$10,000 a month from their blogs. We find this hard to believe, since new blogs are being created at the rate of about one every second. Perhaps the new economy will consist entirely of transferring money between blogs, and no one will have to actually make or do anything. After all: Artists have long bought each others paintings to share the wealth.

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