K5Do you like to listen to music or nature sounds as you fall asleep? We do, and when we go on a long train trip in December we’re going to take along Samsung’s new K5 player, which holds a thousand songs and has battery life of six to 30 hours.

The K5 could be classified as the world’s tiniest boom box. It’s smaller than most cell phones and has built-in speakers that can fill a room with sound. It has a sleep timer and a classy display face with a small clock that can be set as a wake-up alarm. If used with the speakers, batter life is six hours; when used with earbuds, it extends to 30 hours.

Charging the battery is done from a computer USB port, but if you buy an accessory kit made by Belkin, you can recharge from a car’s cigarette lighter or a wall outlet.

The K5 costs $180 to $220 from discount stores; the Belkin charging kit sells for $35. Web info:Samsung.com and Belkin.com.

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