Avery has a new version of Avery Wizard, its label-printing program, which you can download from its Web site ( for free. We both tried it, and Bob found the Wizard was out to lunch, or at least out of magic, because it wouldn’t load at all on his brand-new HP Compaq computer. Turned out that you had to have all Microsoft Office components installed, not just Word, to make it work. It also occupies a thumping 77 megabytes, which seems like an awful lot of code for printing labels. Avery Wizard

The program did load in Joy’s computer, though it took her awhile to find the tiny red “A” that launches the software from within Word, Excel or Outlook. The program lets you import address lists to make dozens of projects, such as mailing labels, filing labels and note cards. We loved the holiday postcards with snowmen.

Since almost every package of labels, business card stock, name tags, etc. that you see in office supply stores is made by Avery, this is a good way to go.

If you don’t have Microsoft Office installed, then a better way to go is Avery’s Design Pro 5 Limited software. This is also a free download from the Avery Web site. It takes about a third less space on your hard drive, and we had no difficulties with it.

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