“The Cult of Mac” by Leander Kahney; $25 paperback, fromĀ

Cult of MacIf you love your Mac, you’ll love this book. There are an estimated 25 million Mac users in the world, about 3 percent of all computers. It’s small as a percentage, but huge as a potential sales figure for this book.

The book is amusing, not least because Mac owners tend to be a little obsessive. One broke into a woman’s car and stole nothing but her Apple decal. Another writes folksongs about Macs, with titles like “Startup/Hard Drive.”

And as for the co-founders: Steve Wozniak, who designed and built the first Apple, is widely loved and admired, but Steve Jobs is considered “difficult,” to put it as kindly as possible. The standard joke is, “How does Steve Jobs change a light bulb?” Answer: “He holds it up and lets the universe revolve around him.” When Wozniak decided to give the very first Apple to a teacher he admired, Jobs made him buy it.

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