The new Fantom hard drive provides a terabyte for $546. Time for some definitions: A megabyte is a million bytes. A gigabyte is a thousand megabytes. A terabyte is a thousand gigabytes. It’s a big number; think of it as 1,500 CDs, fully loaded. Oh, and a byte is a single character, like a letter or number.

Fantom Drive

A Web search turned up a similar drive at for the same money, but it didn’t have a fan or internal air flow. Heat buildup is a common cause of drive failure so we would go with a drive that has a cooling fan. If you have a drive failure with a terrabyte of storage you have a real problem. Formatting this giant drive took about an hour and a half.

We tried out a Fantom 500 GB drive (list price $270). It’s very solid and weighs a hefty six pounds. More info at

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