There are few devices sexier than Itech’s new virtual keyboard. When you plug in the small black unit, it projects a laser image of a standard keyboard. Touch a key and you just typed something.

The device itself is about the size of a small candy bar. If you touch any of the virtual keys, the projector recognizes that as a keystroke. It even provides the option of sounding a key click if you want. The keystrokes can be transferred to any nearby computer, PDA or cell phone either through a cable or Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard wireless connection.

Users agree that this virtual keyboard works very well indeed, but plugging it in can be a problem. The device works on battery, but if you want to plug it in, you’ll need an adapter for the European-style plug that comes with it. An adapter typically costs $5 or less. If you want to use the wireless capability, which really makes the most sense for a device like this, you can buy Bluetooth receivers for $20 at Amazon and $40 at          The virtual keyboard itself sells for $180 at You can get more technical info at the company’s Web site:


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