About Joy Schwabach

Joy Schwabach

Joy Schwabach, the wife of Bob Schwabach, helps write the “On Computers” column, which appears weekly in Arkansas and Massachusetts.

Here’s a brief bio:

— Wrote the “American Dream” column and feature stories for the Daily Pilot newspaper, Costa Mesa, California.

— Wrote op-eds for the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times.

–Helped write “Land of Opportunity,” by Donald Lambro.

— Helped create the Evanston Womans’ Club website at wcofe.org.

— Re-designed the P.E.O. Illinois statewide website at peoillinois.org.

— Created the Berkeley historic interest group website at mshhig.com.

— Created the fan site WodehouseChicago.com.

— On the the Ted Fund board of directors

— On the City of Evanston’s New Media Advisory Group.

— Undergraduate degree in economics from Cal State University, Long Beach. Also attended graduate school at the University of Southern California.






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  1. I read your column in the Worcester, MA Aug 21 issue and have two comments: 1,.My husband and I regularly write checks at the grocery store and we do not hold up others – we prep the check before getting to the cashier so we only need to add the amount at the end of our order; the ones who delay others are those who use charge cards. I am uncomfortable with your comment. 2. Your column seems to relate only to PCs. Why not Macs – most of the info in your column is useless for us since we are a Mac household….At least if there is something new, add the way to get to it using a Mac – such as click the mouse, not right-click since a Mac mouse does not have two sides…..
    We are having trouble with our e-mail so if you feel like calling us, our number is 508-757-2881, after 10 AM eastern time. (I did contact the Telegram people but no idea if they will send my comments on to you.

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