NinjaaaWe bookmark favorite web pages all the time, so our list can get cluttered. Here’s how  Joy keeps her favorite sites front and center. It’s a free service called “Homepage Ninja.” Everything you bookmark goes on your own special website page.

Start by going to Homepage.ninja and checking off the sites you want from a list of popular ones. Joy checked off Facebook and Twitter. Then she started adding her own favorites.  The fun part is, you can add your own photo to represent each site. Joy added a photo of us to represent our own website, for example. Your page can be public or private, and will have an address like homepage.ninja/JaneDoe; slug in your own name for “JaneDoe.”

Off to the side of the page is space for a list of temporary favorites.  Say you were shopping for faux furs this month, but next month you don’t care. Click “remove” when you’re finished. There’s room for a really long list.

The site also gives you space for a “to-do” list. If you get really clever, your “to do” lists won’t be for chores alone. You could have a separate list for movies you want to rent or groceries you want to buy.

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